RF500 Wireless Monitoring

Cellar Monitoring
Temperature * Humidity * Door Events

  • Receive alerts of temperature or humidity change via text message or email

  • View data, print reports and manage all settings from user's PC web browser

  • No monthly or annual charges - No software license fees

  • Simple installation - Just a 120V outlet and data connection port with static IP

  • Transmitter display shows temperature, alarms and door events

  • IP67 water-resistant transmitters, OK for in place wash-downs

  • Standalone system, Gateway includes receiver, software and database

  • No software loaded on your PC Password secure internet access

Recommended Kit for Cellar Monitoring*

$4,998.00 Installed Price**

Includes the following components:
  • Gateway - 1 RF500Lite with software and radio interface included
  • Transmitters - 1 RF512 3-zone tmperature, 1 RF513 Humidity and Temperature
  • Dual Probe - 1 RFPX500D 5M Penetration Probe
  • AC Adapters - 2 RF520/US power adapters to provide meshing capability.
Reports 4 temperatures and 1 humidity point. Add RF512 or RF513 Transmitters and probes as needed.

Price Includes Installation

Order and receive selected components in 4 to 6 weeks. Upon delivery, call 800-555-6658 to schedule your prepaid installation within 2 to 3 weeks.

*Assumes equipment to be placed in a common area, 4000sq ft or smaller without metal or concrete walls or obstructions. For construction layout questions phone 800-555-6658.
** Within continental USA. Travel charges added for sites > 50 miles outside major metropolitan areas.

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